Sun-Cow Cap-Booties & Bib Set

BrushMarQ Special Offers - Original Art Prints on Baby Gift Items - 30% the cost of Handpainted Gift Items

The "Sun-Cow"  Cap-Booties & Bib comes  attractively packaged - ready for the Baby shower or other special occasion. The Cap and Bib include a print of the "Sun-Cow" character, the booties include a Sun image, both from the BrushMarQ Sunrize collection. These items are not handpainted, but are  prints of the original artwork, and applied via heat transfer. Caps-Booties &Bibs are color fast and machine washable.

Product Name : Sun-Cow Set - Bib, Cap & Booties


Sun-Cow Set - Bib, Cap & Booties
Original Art Print
Price $19.95

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