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BrushMarQ Re-organization full story... and to be the ultimate sites for all Baby Clothing items full story... will open soon, with all original Artwork at reasonable prices full story...

Keep an eye on for "Kidstuff", coming soon full story...

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BrushMarQ BrushMarQ Re-organization is undergoing a major re-organization and website facelift. The website will function as an informational site and steering site to point visitors toward their desired interest. Baby Gifts will now be available on two separate BrushMarQ websites, Original Baby Boutique and Bargain Baby Boutique. All Original Artwork will be moved to During this period of change, you will continue to be able to shop for Baby gifts on You can use the links on this page. Original Art sales are being suspended until the new website is operational. In addition to the Baby Gift and Artwork groups, "Kidstuff" items will soon be available on our new website, This site will include decorative items for the nursery and childs room, as well as activities for toddlers and young children. Finally, your options for purchasing on-line are being enhanced with acceptance of PayPal accounts and all credit cards via the security of Pay Pal's payment gateway..

Original Art Work is to be offered on

BrushMarQ Enterprises will again offer Original Art Work, at reasonable prices, once the re-organization of the website is complete. Until that time, all sales of Original Art Work has been suspended. Future sales will be via the site The intent is to provide our customers with an easier and more pleasant experience while shopping at BrushMarQ, and to provide enhanced graphic illustrations of the products.

"Kidstuff" items will be offered on

"Kidstuff" on is a completely new website for BrushMarQ Enterprises, and should be operational before Mid- 2008. All items will be based on original BrushMarQ artwork, with many to be handcrafted and handpainted. "Kidstuff" will include many home decorating items for the nursury and childs room, as well as activity kits for the toddler or small child. You can visit now for a brief description of the products to come and a few illustrations. Products are still in development, and will be added as they come to fruition.

"BrushMarQ" items will be offered on

BrushMarQ images are now being offered on a number of products via Cafe Press. Baby and Toddler clothing items are available in assorted colors and designs. In addition to the clothing items, Cafe Press offers a number of home and accessory items and tote bags. These new items can be viewed and purchased at BrushMarQ on Cafe Press.

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